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Providing Solutions to repay Home Loan Liability

Reduced salaries, prolonged receivables, drop in rentals may prevent you from making timely payments for your Home Loan. We structure the best possible solution with banks to repay the liability.


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Who We Are

BankOnUs represents borrowers and provides Mortgage Debt Management service in UAE to structure the best possible solution with banks without resorting to any legal procedure. We assist in closing or moderating the Home Loan liability by offering remedial measures such as settlement or restructure, which would be a win-win for the borrower and the bank

What we do

Debt Restructuring

We evaluate your financial situation and negotiate with the bank for an extension of repayment date, lower interest rates and other options to get an affordable repayment plan.

Settlement Plans

We evaluate the market value of your property, secure a buyer and create the best settlement plan with banks on the shortfall if property value does not cover the loan outstanding.

Delayed Project Options

We get an update on the project status, negotiate options with the developer for refund/swap and create an ideal settlement plan with banks to foreclose the loan.

Why BankOnUs?

Management Expertise

Our management team carries over 40 years of UAE experience in the Banking and Real Estate segment.

Key Affiliations

We are affiliated with Banks and Developers to ensure you are represented in the best way.

Proficient in Mortgage Business

Our team members include professionals with in-depth knowledge and understanding of Mortgage business, process and risks.

Debt Counseling Specialists

We help you understand your legal rights and options in case of default in UAE

End-to-End Solution

We represent you from start to finish with Banks and Developers until the closure of your Mortgage loan

Repayment Options

We negotiate better terms with the bank to repay your Mortgage and avoid legal complications
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